Lesson One, Step One: Awareness

Welcome back!

Now that you have your supplies, and have been properly introduced to myself and the HeartcompassTM iCourse, you are ready for the first Lesson...

“Step One: Awareness”

Your first step in consciously using your Heartcompass and the LifeNavigation System is to

Wake up!

It’s time to realize the true nature or your physical experience!

Which of the following two statements do you believe?

1. "Life happens to me and I have no choice but to just deal with it the best I can."

2. "My life experience is a reflection of my inner thoughts and beliefs. Therefore I can be, do, or have anything I desire by choosing what I feel and think."

If you selected the second option, congratulations! You are already aware of the true nature of your physical experience and will benefit greatly from the Inner Navigation System.

If you selected the first option, then we have a bit of work to do before moving on to the next step!

And if you are somewhere in between, that is, you want to believe the second option but you’re just not there yet, I can help you take another step in the direction of Awareness right now…

Take a moment, and study this portrait of a young woman we will call Helen.

Next, read this statement about Helen:

“Helen is a young, intelligent, healthy and happy woman with a bright and promising future.”

Look again at the portrait of Helen, and notice how you feel about her.

Now, read the following statement:

“Helen is a bright and promising young lady diagnosed with a terminal genetic illness and she is not expected to live past her 30th birthday.”

Look at Helen’s portrait again. How do you feel when you look at Helen now?

What made the difference?

Only one thing changed – your thoughts and beliefs about Helen!

This is a simple demonstration, and does not reflect the true power of the mind to attract and create physical manifestations. However, if Helen were alive in your personal experience right now, your thoughts and beliefs about her would affect your actions towards her, her response to you, and could even have a very real effect on her physical health (and yours as well!)

How do I know this? What gives me the nerve to make such a claim?


Scientists, especially in the area of Quantum Physics, have discovered and continue to reveal the powerful role of your mind upon the physically manifested universe.

In a very brief nutshell, what they have discovered is that this “physical” universe, including your physical body, is made up of energy. This entire universe, including your body, appears to be a holographic projection of your mind. And your mind is made up of thoughts and beliefs, which are NOT energy – they are information. This information then shapes the energy which makes up the physical world that you are experiencing right now.

Look around. Look at your body. Close your eyes and really get this.

Your non-physical, non-energy, information rich mind is shaping and creating the very physical world you are sitting in at this moment.

Do you get that? Do you feel the power of your mind, your thoughts and your beliefs?

Exciting, isn’t it?

Now that you get it, you are ready for the next Step.

Lesson Two, Step Two of the Inner Navigation System, is about identifying Off Course thoughts and beliefs. You are now ready to start taking action to actively choose your thoughts and beliefs, and consciously create your physical reality and experience.

In Step Two, you are going to use UNWANTED physical circumstances in your life to identify and release the thoughts and beliefs that created that condition. This will help your Heart access and deliver new thoughts and beliefs to your mind, to start creating the life of your Heart’s desire!

Until then, take some time practicing your new awareness of the true nature of your physical experience. Play with it, have fun with it, and I’ll see you again at Lesson Two, Step Two!


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My favorite movie I've seen so far is "What The Bleep", also available at Amazon.com

My favorite websites for "waking up" are:

http://www.immrama.org/ (Formerly "Awakened Minds")

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