Lesson Three, Step Three: Access the Heart

“Access Your Heartcompass”

Hello again! Welcome back to Lesson Three of Your Heartcompass LifeNavigation iCourse. Today’s lesson is a bit longer because it is a very important Step!

In Lesson Two, I left you with a pile of Post It Notes stuck to the Off Course side of your Heartcompass LifeNavigation Chart.

Today, I am going to show you how to access your Heart for the thoughts and beliefs that feel better, to replace those not-so-good feeling thoughts and beliefs on the Post It Notes.

But first, think about this a moment. Most people go through life with a pile of Off Course thoughts stored in their subconscious mind – and they are never even aware of it. You, however, have already taken an enormous leap! You are aware of the role of your thoughts in your experience. You have taken responsibility for choosing your thoughts, AND you have identified Off Course thoughts related to a particular unwanted condition in your life.

Wow! Congratulate yourself! You are on the cutting edge of “Conscious Creating”. You are one of a small fraction of humanity venturing into this territory. Soon, you will experience the many benefits discovered by those few who have gone before.

Benefits like better health, improved relationships, and financial prosperity. Sounds good? Ok then, let’s go…

But wait a minute. Remember I said I would show you how to access your Heart for new thoughts and beliefs? Doesn’t that sound a little strange? Isn’t the brain where you would go to find thoughts?

The answer to that question is where Science and Spirituality meet.

Your brain is an extremely powerful organ. A highly complex mechanism that can think and reason and perceive. It also projects. Science has recently discovered that the brain may be the “projector” through which you experience this holographic universe! ( Ref: The Field by Lynn McTaggart )

However, the brain is NOT the source of new thought. Whenever you try to solve a problem with your “head” alone, you are stuck in the limitations of past experience. Like Einstein said, you cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it.

So, where do new thoughts come from?

We have all heard of, and hopefully experienced, “intuition”.

This is the process of accessing what scientists now call the Zero Point Field – an infinite source of potential energy and information.

Remember in Lesson One you learned that thought is information. All thought exists in the Zero Point Field.

But how can YOU access it? Answer – by getting out of your “head” and into your “heart”.

The heart has been misunderstood as an organ that simply pumps blood throughout the body. It does perform this vital function. Your Heart also has neurotransmitters – it can think! But more importantly, it emits an electromagnetic field that surrounds your entire body. Your Heart sends more information to your body than your brain does. It also send more information to your brain than the other way around. ( Ref: The Heart's Code, by Dr. Paul Pearsall ,Ref: The Heartmath Solution, by Doc Childre and Howard Martin. )

Your Heart has access to the Zero Point Field. It does this through your Solar Plexus. This is where we get the term “gut instinct” or “gut feeling”. The reason you want to access through the Heart is that only your Heart can provide Inner Guidance. The Solar Plexus has access to infinite energy and information. Your Heart gives you indicators so you can select what is good for YOU.

But that’s enough biology, physics, metaphysics and spiritual information for now. Remember, even if you don’t know how an engine works, you can still drive a car. The same is true for your Inner Navigation System. Knowledge can be powerful, but more powerful than knowledge is experience.

It’s time for you to experience this for yourself.

For this step you are going to need your Objective Description of the circumstance or condition you are working on, the Inner Navigation Chart, and the Off Course thoughts you identified in Step Two. You will also need a pen, your 3 x 5 Index Cards, and an Index Card File.

Read your Objective Description and your Post It Notes.

Now, close your eyes…

Close your eyes and take two or three deep breaths. Imagine the energy flowing down into your belly and out through your toes. Open your eyes, and look at this illustration of your Heartcompass.

See the white light coming from the Heart? Good. Now close your eyes again and imagine this white light coming from your own Heart.

Next, imagine your unwanted condition perfectly resolved to your liking. How does that feel? That good feeling is your Heartcompass indicating that you have focused your attention on what you want.

Hold onto that good feeling and open your eyes. Look at the Post It Notes and ask your Heart for thoughts and beliefs to replace them.

Close your eyes one more time. Breathing deeply, focus on your Heart and re-establish the good feeling if you lost it a little bit. Listen for the answer.

Your Heart communicates in images and emotion. Your brain will translate the message into words for you. Be patient and allow this to happen. Take your time, until you get the answer…

You will know you have the Truth from your own Heart by how it feels. If it feels very good, then it is True.

When you have the answer, you are ready to complete this Step…

Take out a 3 x 5 index card from your Kit. On it, write down the On Course thought you received from your Heart. If you have more than one new thought, write each thought and belief on a separate card.

Take the 3 x 5 card or cards and place them on the On Course side of the Inner Navigation Chart. This sends your subconscious mind the message that these thoughts are On Course.

Read it out loud. When you read out loud, notice how you feel. Does it feel good? Yes? That’s your Heartcompass letting you know this is a thought or belief that will create what you want.

Congratulations! You have just used an unwanted condition in your life to identify thoughts and beliefs that are creating the unwanted condition, and used those to help your Heart find new thoughts and beliefs that will create what you do want!

In Lesson Four: Step Four, you will learn how to INSTALL your On Course thoughts and beliefs into your subconscious mind where they will operate on Auto Pilot! It’s very simple, and very fast.

You will also learn what to do with all those Off Course thoughts on the Post It Notes (hint: it’s fun!).

Until then, notice how much better you feel right now.

Tomorrow, you will install the new thoughts and beliefs, learn about how and when to take action, and get ready for people and resources to start appearing “out of nowhere” to help you get anything you want!

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