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Dear Friend,

Welcome! To the HeartcompassTM LifeNavigation iCourse!

Before we get started, I would like to ask you this question: When was the last time someone told you that you have a perfect, flawless, guidance system within you? Yesterday? Last week? Last year? When you were a child, or…


That’s all right. Yes, that’s OK because you were BORN knowing instinctively that you have this Guidance System. You KNEW it, because you could FEEL it.

As a child you automatically felt and used your Inner Guidance System. Then, as you grew up, you may have learned to mistrust your own inner guidance. Parents, teachers, well-meaning friends and traumatic experiences can all contribute to confusion about the meaning and purpose of your internal guidance indicators (EMOTIONS).

Not to worry! No matter how confused you may be right now, and no matter what circumstances you currently find yourself in, it is NEVER ever too late to rediscover and use the power of your own Heartcompass – your own Inner Guidance System.

I have now reminded you that you have a Heartcompass. Or maybe you’ve always known it, but over time have lost touch with it, or became confused about how it works. Or, perhaps you’ve come to believe that yours is “broken”!

As long as you are alive, your Heartcompass cannot be broken. But you can misinterpret its signals or indicators.

In this Course you will learn what your Heartcompass is made of, how it works, and how to use the signals or indicators properly to get the results in life that you want.

You will learn a simple technique, called your LifeNavigation System, that uses any unwanted condition to help you identify and change your thinking, your feeling, your experience, and create new conditions in your life that are more to your liking.

Isn’t that what you have always wanted? Yes, it is!

Deep down inside you have always known that you came here to enjoy life, to have experiences, to discover what works and what doesn’t, and to create more of it! At the very core of every human being is this purpose and intention.

Even if you never heard of Inner Guidance Systems, Heartcompass and such, that would still be the intention and result of your life.

The difference, when you learn to Consciously use your Heartcompass, is the acceleration of joy, the sense of personal empowerment, and the experience of Conscious Creating.

Does all that sound good? Yes, of course it does! It is true to who and what you are.

Then let’s get started…

To follow the instructions in this iCourse, you will need a few inexpensive office supplies.


Materials you will need:

Some Post It Notepads
3X5 Index Cards
A Pen
A File Box for the 3X5 Cards
Several blank sheets of paper


A small storage box, or a 3 Ring Binder and zippered "pencil holders" to store everything.

When you have your materials, you are ready for Lesson One!



Your Heartcompass TM LifeNavigation System iCourse

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