Lesson Two, Step Two: Identify Off Course Thoughts & Beliefs

Welcome Back! To Your Heartcompass LifeNavigation System iCourse!

Congratulations! You are now half way through the five part iCourse. Just two more lessons and you will know all Four Steps to activating your own Heartcompass Inner Guidance System!

In the Introduction I reminded you that you have an Inner Guidance System or Heartcompass. You were born with this Inner Guidance System, the purpose of which is to choose your thoughts and actions and create the life you want.

In Lesson One, Step One: Awareness, we examined the true nature of the physical world you experience, and the role your mind plays in shaping and directing your physical circumstances and conditions.

Today, you are going to learn a very simple technique for identifying the contents of your mind that have created unwanted conditions. Later, you will learn how to replace those thoughts and beliefs with new thoughts and beliefs that feel better immediately, and that will begin to change your conditions for the better.

This is called Conscious Creating. It is what you were born to do!

(Ref: The cutting edge book on the origins and effect of beliefs;
"Biology of Beliefs" by Bruce Lipton )

Remember those materials I said you were going to need?

It’s time now to take out the Post It Notepads, Pen, and some blank sheets of paper.

Do you have those things with you? Good. Let’s begin…

First, you are going to make an Inner Navigation Chart. This is very easy to do! Take a blank sheet of paper, turn it sideways, and draw a line down the middle… like this.

At the top of the left column write “Off Course”, and at the top of the right column write “On Course”. That’s it! This is your Inner Navigation Chart.

Next, think of an unwanted condition you would like to change. It can be lack of money, a health issue, a relationship conflict – it doesn’t matter what it is, just pick one for now.

On another blank sheet of paper, describe in OBJECTIVE terms the condition you have chosen. For example: “My boss gave me twenty assignments to complete this week.” This is a clear, unemotional, objective description. Do not write “My boss gave me too much work again this week!” That is a subjective statement, and we will get to that in a moment. For now, write a clear, concise, OBJECTIVE description.

When you’ve finished writing your description, you will be ready to continue…

Why did we do this? Remember the portrait of Helen in Lesson One? Do you remember how your feelings changed depending on the thoughts and beliefs you had about her? The condition you just described is just as neutral as Helen’s portrait. Your feelings about it are due to your thought.

More important than that, your thoughts are creating the condition you have described. Your feelings are telling you that your thoughts are creating a physical condition you do not want. The condition is a reflection or projection of your thought (which makes the invisible visible to you.)

Now that you understand the true nature and purpose of your thoughts, feelings and conditions, it is time to take some action.

Take out a Post It Note pad from your Kit.

On the Post It Notes you are going to write your “Off Course” thoughts and beliefs related to the condition you have described on your sheet of paper. An “Off Course” thought is any thought that results in a negative emotion. Remember, your negative emotion is telling you that the thought is shaping the physical in ways you do not want.

Look at your unwanted condition and ask yourself, “What am I thinking?” For example, this is where you would write - on your Post It Notepad - “My boss always piles on the work!” Don’t stop there. Maybe you think “He is such a jerk!” and “I’m such a loser to have such a lousy job.” And so on… Write each thought on a separate Post It Note.

As you identify each Off Course thought, dig deeper if you can. For example, maybe you are afraid you will get sick from having too much work. Ask yourself, “And if I get sick, then what?” You might be afraid you will lose your job, lose your home, not be able to care for your kids, and so on… Dig deeper. Ask yourself, “And if I can’t take care of my kids, then what?” Keep going until you get to some outrageous thought about yourself that is obviously not true. You will know you are there because it will be so ridiculous it will make you laugh, or at least chuckle. When you get to this point, you know you have identified a “Core Off Course Belief”.

Working with Core Beliefs is most powerful because uprooting the “core” will uproot all related and subsequent thoughts and beliefs. It’s like pulling up dandelions. If you pull out the taproot, the plant does not grow back!

As you write the Off Course thoughts on the Post It Notes, peel them off one by one and stick them on the Off Course side of your Inner Navigation Chart. Why should you do this? I’m glad you asked!

This action tells your subconscious mind that these thoughts are “Off Course”. This is very important, and I’ll have more to say about that later.

But for now, are you done digging up and writing Off Course thoughts and beliefs on Post It Notes? Excellent! You are now ready to change course!

Tomorrow, in Lesson Three: Step Three, I am going to teach you a simple technique to access your Heart and get “On Course” thoughts and beliefs to replace the Off Course thoughts and beliefs you just identified. I’ll explain why you want to access your Heart for these all important new thoughts in tomorrow’s Lesson.

Oh, there’s one more thing!

If you ever have trouble identifying your Off Course thoughts (the one’s associated with an unwanted condition), try asking a friend for help. Find a friend who will simply listen while you talk out loud, so you can “hear yourself think”. You can also ask your friend to write down what you are saying, if that helps.

But remember, the purpose of talking about and writing down these Off Course thoughts and beliefs is to identify them. You will then use them to help your Heart choose new thoughts and beliefs that feel better. It is this contrast that helps create clarity!

Writing your Off Course thoughts and beliefs on Post It Notes is very powerful, because it transforms the invisible information into something visible and tangible that you can now manipulate. It’s like shining a light into the darkness. Now that you can see them clearly, you are no longer afraid. Also, using Post It Notes sends a message to your subconscious mind, letting it know that these Off Course thoughts and beliefs are temporary, and not valuable – after all, we tend to use Post It Notes for quick reminders, and toss them out when we are done.

That’s exactly what you will soon be doing with your Off Course thoughts. But first, let’s go to the next step, and find some On Course thoughts and beliefs that feel better!

Now that you are ready, please move on to Lesson Three, Step Three: Access the Heart.


My favorite book about Inner Guidance is:

"Ask And It Is Given" by Abraham-Hicks

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